Small Mercies

A Little Assistance
I’m grateful for those myriad small ways that God steps in to smooth my course in life…sometimes literally.

Two days ago I saw my orthopedist so he could follow up on my progress following hand surgery six weeks ago. When I arrived, the spacious open parking lot was jammed with cars, so I parked in the cramped parking structure next to the parking lot.

Now, since my surgery I have avoided unnecessary driving, as maneuvering my truck with one arm in a cast is a challenge. I was not pleased that I had to park in the structure, but I had no option at the time.

Following my appointment, and sporting a brand new cast, I returned to my truck. Cars were parked on either side of me and nose-to-nose with my truck. I would have to do a series of steps, repeatedly backing, cranking the wheel, and pulling forward, to safely exit the tight space. I felt tension rising in me as I contemplated the task.

Before leaving, I called my husband to update him on my visit with the doctor. During our brief conversation, the owner of the car parked to my left returned and exited the space. Now I had plenty of “swing room” to back out in one simple maneuver.

4 Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to
follow. 5 Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for You are the God who
saves me. All day long I put my hope in You.
Psalm 25:4-5 (NLT)