Called to Serve

God’s Got your Number
Did a situation ever get under your skin, moving you to act? Rowdy Metzger has a tale about that.
On October 16, in Pasadena, a young father abandoned his car in a parking garage, leaving his three-year-old son strapped in his car seat, and stumbled away, drunk. Police subsequently arrested him for public drunkeness. The next morning, they realized the man’s child had been with him the night before and a search was launched.
Officials used reverse-911 technology to phone area residents and play a recorded message about the missing boy.
All day on Sunday, Rowdy’s phone rang with recorded messages about the lost child. That evening, he set off to help in the search. After he’d given up and was walking back home, Rowdy spotted the car parked in a garage.
The missing boy was asleep inside it. Here is a news story about the incident.

I heard an interview with Rowdy on the radio a few days ago. He commented that every time his phone rang, it felt like a call to action.
God can use anything to call us. Even a phone.

89 Your eternal word, O Lord,
stands firm in heaven.
90 Your faithfulness extends to every generation,
as enduring as the earth You created.
91 Your regulations remain true to this day,
for everything serves Your plans.
Psalm 119:89-91 (NLT)