Lessons in Trust

Cadence meets baby brother Sawyer
Into the New
Yesterday our precious grandson, Sawyer, was born. In my experience, God’s presence is never clearer than when a baby is entering this world. And He was certainly with us all as my daughter labored and delivered her second son.
In the midst of all this joy, I hadn’t expected my grandson and new big brother Cadence to teach me about trust and dependence, but he did.
During his mother’s pregnancy, Cadence had assumed that the grownups in his life would tell him the date that the baby would be born, and then on the named day, Sawyer would arrive. When his mother explained to him that we wouldn’t know the exact date until Sawyer was born, Cadence trusted his mother and accepted the inversion of his understanding of the process. It didn’t quite make sense to him, but he believed what his mommy told him.
Yesterday, Elaine’s dad Jim and Rob’s mom Judi brought Cadence to the hospital to meet the baby. Rich and I were already there; Rich had the video rolling to capture the moment.

As Cadence enters the room, I see his excitement and anticipation. I also see his uncertainty. He’s stepping into unfamiliar territory. He looks around the room and sees his grandparents, his Rob-daddy, and his mother and new baby brother. His grandfather helps him onto the bed. Cadence offers Sawyer the teddy bear he’d chosen as a gift for his new sibling. He’s calm and happy: his new baby brother is finally here, he’s surrounded by his family, all is well.

At age four, Cadence can’t navigate this big change without help from someone bigger than he is. Someone has to help him understand. Someone has to help him choose a gift for his baby brother. Someone has to drive him to the hospital. Someone has to help him climb up onto the bed.

This dependence is comfortable for him, because at age four he knows he’s dependent. He can’t drive himself to school. He can’t cook his own pancakes. He can’t launder his own clothes. And because he is surrounded by grownups who love him and meet his needs, he trusts that his needs will be met.

I need help to navigate life, too. I can learn much from my little grandson about trust and dependence. Even though I’m a grownup, my God is bigger than me and has never failed me. I can trust Him. I can depend on Him.

5 O Lord, You alone are my hope.
I’ve trusted you, O Lord, from childhood.
6 Yes, You have been with me from birth;
from my mother’s womb You have cared for me.
No wonder I am always praising You!

Psalm 71:5-6