Treasures and Crud

It’s a Mess.

My Sock Drawer and my Heart

Hurrying to race out the door to work, I rummaged in my sock drawer for a matching pair of black socks. Glancing at the clock, I promised myself—again—that I would dump the drawer, sort through it, toss away the widows and straighten up the surviving pairs.
Straightening the sock drawer is a promise I make to myself once or twice a month. And somehow, fifteen minutes for my socks never seem to materialize. Saturday rolls around, and I’d rather bake blueberry muffins. Or rub the dogs’ bellies, delighting in their contented sighs. Or talk to my sister on the phone. 
You’ll find the rest of the messy-sock-drawer story over at Jumping Tandem, where my friend Deidra Riggs invited me to visit today. 


  1. Thanks so much for hanging out today at Jumping Tandem! It was a blast to have you there!

  2. I was so honored to be there, Deidra. Truly, it was my privilege, and my pleaure, to be there. Thank you.

  3. You always just make me smile.
    Loved the article. Loved your insight

  4. Ha! Funny thing, that, David. You just made me smile, too. Thanks for reading.