Why I Went Missing

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Most of Us: Missing One Son, One Son-in-Law, and One Grandson. April 18. This Shot is an Update.

It’s been quiet around here, hmm? I don’t often skip posting for two weeks. But I’ve been busy being a grandmother instead of writing about it. My daughter and her family were in the area for two weeks as they relocate from Guam to South Carolina. My husband had a birthday. Our nephew had a birthday. We commandeered every reasonable excuse  to gather as many of our clan as we could. And when we weren’t gathering, we were gatherees: A sendoff in San Diego. A barbecue in Redlands.

Did I mention we’ve been busy? 

That’s not all, though. I’ve been thinking, and praying, and reflecting, and listening. And listening keeps bubbling to the top of my to-do list.

I can hear God saying Child, you climb right on out of that cyclone of busyness you’ve managed to whip up. I have things to tell you if you’ll give Me half a chance. Shush now. I mean it. 

Be quiet.

All of which is a way for me to say that I’m allowing myself to set aside my self-imposed posting schedule.

But I’m here. And I’m listening. To God, and to you. 


One More Visit. April 19.

rabbit conga

I will hear what God the Lord will say;
For He will speak peace to His people, to His godly ones;
But let them not turn back to folly.

Psalm 85:8 (NASB)

rabbit conga




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rabbit conga


On Tuesdays, we’re talking about families and the joys and challenges that arise when we stretch across three (or more?) generations (child, parent, grandparent). The conversation began on January sixth  and we’ll continue until we run out of things to say. Everyone is welcome, and I hope to hear from each generation’s perspective.  Being family is by turns effortless, impossible, blessed, challenging, hurtful, joyous . . . . Let’s talk about it.

Please join us. Be a part of the conversation. Take a survey to help with research and be entered to win an Amazon gift card!



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