It’s on My Calendar

Cadence and Me, Pensive. February 8, 2014 A Heart of Stone Doesn’t Stretch Every January I buy a wall calendar–one with an inoffensively pretty photo for each month and a square for each day in the month. It’s a terribly old school practice, I know. I think those tidy rows of boxes, with appointments and dates […]

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Our 27th Annual Cinnamon-Roll Baking. Christmas, 2013. Yona, Guam. But Really, I Don’t Want To. Unless they’re happy tears. Tomorrow I’ll have ridden this planet around the sun 55 times. Somehow, the view never bores me. I wonder sometimes, how can that be, that everything seems fresh all the time? I treasure some traditions (like Christmas cinnamon-roll […]

The Museum of Mom

[Today’s post is from the archives.]   In Loving Memory of my Mother, Marilyn Lee Downs Seiler.  August 20, 1936 – September 30, 2008. The Search of a Lifetime The message from my father came as we were preparing to leave for vacation: Hi, I have given much thought to how to give your mom’s wedding rings […]

Weekend Reflection: Forever Young

Cadence, Rich, Ayden. April, 2010. It will come about after thisThat I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind;And your sons and daughters will prophesy,Your old men will dream dreams,Your young men will see visions.Joel 2:28 (NASB) It’s Saturday, and we’re celebrating here. But first, a calm spirit: so I am taking off my […]

Olympic Gold

Mom and Me. Note the Cheez-It Box in the Background. August, 2008. A Medal in Grief “We did NOT watch the Beijing Opening Ceremonies from my parents’ living room!” I’m indignant at the suggestion, and I can’t figure out why. I’m sheepish, too. So I apologize to my husband for my poor manners and trace the […]