How I Accidentally Wrote a Novel

Kathi Macias has been a faithful writing friend and a gracious mentor. So when, in mid-2013, she announced that she was editing a volume of Christmas stories and asked who might like to contribute to the book, I raised my hand. I didn’t think she would actually select me, since I write nonfiction. So when […]

How I Became A(n Accidental) Novelist

Cover for the First Installment of Remembering for Ruth I never thought of myself as a novelist. I have tremendous admiration for fiction writers, but for the past five years or so I had been focused exclusively on nonfiction. Prior to that came a few decades of not-writing. And just before that, academic writing. I have to reach […]

Jewels in the Ashes: Blog Tour for Kathi Macias’ 12 Days of Christmas

  Why I Told a Story About July in Christmas Last year my sister in Christ/mentor/friend Kathi invited me to write a Christmas story.  The plot, she said, could be anything I chose, so long as all the action took place on a single day–my contribution would take place five days before Christmas. Kathi wrote the […]

One Word: Present

Sawyer, Focused. Yona, Guam: December 25, 2013. Farewell, Plan Q I’m known for my efficiency. People sometimes use words like “organized” and “strategic” to describe me.  They’re right. I’m good at juggling family, career, writing–all of it. And it costs me dearly. I’m always thinking two steps ahead, conjuring a contingency plan. If Plan A washes out, […]

It’s Here!!!

  Okay, so I am breaking every rule of author-cool.  I’m just as thrilled as can be to announce that my Christmas story is now available.  Here’s a tiny excerpt: “Ruth?” Margot called out her mother-in-law’s name as she darted into the library, her panic rising. Clattering down the gleaming oak floors of the hallway, […]