Who Are You Talking To?

Baby Carly, Rachael, Kevin. Christmas, 2008. Not talking, actually. Parenting. Who are you parenting to? Or who are you grandparenting to? This question differs from who are you parenting?  or who are you grandparenting? I’m thinking audience. Specifically, I am wondering if our acts of parenthood or grandparenthood serve as a report card to our own parents.  Maybe at […]

Mother’s Day, Solved.

Mom Broke Her Arm–Roller Skating–Just Before She Became a Grandmother.  Heartmending and Remembering I dislike this coming Sunday only because I loved, adored, and truly liked my mother. Some days I fear I will become violent if I see one more commercial reminding me to remember Mom. Emails taunt me with offers to send her flowers for […]