Another Airport. Another Homecoming.

Daphne Kate Matoushek. September 4, 2012. Meeting Skin-to-Skin Finally, after 51 days of waiting, tonight’s the night. My daughter, Elaine, our almost-two-year-old grandson, Sawyer, and brand new, as yet unseen granddaughter, Daphne, are due in on a late flight from Honolulu to San Diego. Rich and I will head south after work, claim a long-reserved […]

Olympic Gold

Mom and Me. Note the Cheez-It Box in the Background. August, 2008. A Medal in Grief “We did NOT watch the Beijing Opening Ceremonies from my parents’ living room!” I’m indignant at the suggestion, and I can’t figure out why. I’m sheepish, too. So I apologize to my husband for my poor manners and trace the […]

In Loving Memory

 Sean and His Dad. After a Tour in Iraq.  Sean, Son Ayden, Sister Rebecca, Brother Ryan. Christmas, 2005. Ayden in Daddy’s Helmet. Memories on Our Wall. At Sean’s Grave.  Today, we remember. We weep, because we love. We rejoice in the gift of you. We read God’s promise, twice. Hymns echo in our hearts, resonating in the hollow […]

Papaya Lonely

Papaya Tree. Longing and Fruit “I’d be happy just to sit here and watch you all breathe,” I tell my daughter. We’ve arrived at her home at Pearl Harbor for a ten-day visit and she is working up a sightseeing itinerary. We planned our vacation to visit her, her husband, and the boys. It just […]

The Missing Soprano and the Body of Christ

Trabuco Canyon Community Church. Standing in the Gap On a recent Sunday morning our trio of worship leaders was only a duo. Sue sat at the piano, Don stood at the mic, tuning his guitar–but Amy, whose lovely soprano weaves its way around Don’s steady baritone, was absent.  It happened to be September 11. And […]