Weekend Reflection: Speak!

9 Get yourself up on a high mountain,O Zion, bearer of good news,Lift up your voice mightily,O Jerusalem, bearer of good news;Lift it up, do not fear.Say to the cities of Judah,“Here is your God!”10 Behold, the Lord God will come with might,With His arm ruling for Him.Behold, His reward is with HimAnd His recompense […]

A Strawberry’s Grace

A Goblet of Summer’s Grace A Summer’s LessonIn my youth, strawberries rewarded effort. We washed them, we sliced them, we sprinkled them with a bit of sugar, then we enjoyed them, lifted up to lips parched with the waiting for that first sweet taste. Sometimes we spooned them over ice cream, or slid a ladle’s […]


Story Time. Me, Sawyer, Cadence. An Abundance of GracesLast week brought crud, partings, and losses. The weekend began with news of the death of our brother-in-law’s sister. Our niece, Vaite, left us on Tuesday, winging away on a midnight flight from LAX to return to her home in Tahiti. Rich incubated a crummy summer cold to […]

Dreaming up Delights, Part Three

Wedding People.  [The last in a series of three posts celebrating the July 15 wedding of my dad, Rod Seiler, and Mercedes Garcia. You’ll find Part One here and Part Two here.] The Fury All morning I’d felt the brink, known I was tottering right to it. I didn’t want to be upset on my […]

The Haircut

Rich and me Before the Haircut.  What the Hairdresser Showed Me“So,” he asked me, running his fingers through my graying curls, gauging the heft of my hair, “How much time a day do you spend on your hair?” “About thirty seconds,” I said, watching him. He didn’t blanch. “And I don’t want to color it,” […]