Divine Appointments

Elizabeth and John God Keeps the Calendar I’ve written before about our dear friend Elizabeth and her son John. Recently she announced that they would be relocating to her country of birth. Thrilled to learn they’d be passing through Southern California on their voyage, Rich and I  invited them to stay with us. Elizabeth and John have […]

Handing it Over

Leaving it at His DoorstepIn my last post, I told of a family challenge facing my husband Rich and me. I closed with these words: I’m handing our dilemma over to God and sticking to my part of the covenant: love and forgiveness. Easier said than done, it turns out. I think I’ve handed it […]

"Why Marriage Matters"

My daughter Elaine, me, our friend and wedding pastor Don, Rich, and his son Ryan. September 2, 2007 A Church Full of LoveToday’s sermon at church was Why Marriage Matters. We participated in, and witnessed, an amazing thing at church today. Hundreds of couples stood and renewed their marriage vows. Rich and I took part […]

Doing Grace

The Security Guard IncidentWe attend a big church. This  map shows a portion of the church’s campus. The  building labeled “Worship Center” on this map seats upwards of 4,000 people. Did I mention it’s big? Because our church is so large, volunteers patrol the campus and parking lots. I had an instructive encounter with one […]

Instruments of Praise

Wondering what He has in StoreOne of my favorite songs includes the line, “These hands that You have made/are instruments of praise.” [Note: edited to add the link to the song video] I’ve been thinking about that line a lot, lately, as I’ve made the rounds between the rheumatologist, the occupational therapist, and the orthopedic […]