Grandfamilies: Crossing Swords and Crossing Fingers

Cousins Ayden and Cadence, Sprinkler, Football. August 2008. Does a little conflict brighten your day? Do you enjoy disputes? I’ve heard that some people do. Me, not so much. Mornings, before I leave the bedroom, I cross my fingers and say a prayer for harmony and congenial relations. Sometimes, though, something comes along and I can’t let […]

Grandfamilies: There Is No Neutral Ground

Cadence and Ayden,  Gleeful. October, 2015. Can we talk about turf? I don’t mean the kind you water and mow. I’m talking about territory. Sometimes I go sideways when I forget to consider whose home field we’re playing on. I’ve figured out that the rules are different within extended families. In a typical social situation, I imagine control […]

Grandfamilies: Every Little Thing

You Are a Masterpiece. And So Is Your Most Annoying Relative.  A foundational truth about life in families: God treasures you. He treasures everyone in your family, too.  My friend Deidra Riggs has written this amazing book. It’s called Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are. I’m only part way through this book–because […]

Six Wonderful Ways to Foster Silence

Daphne and Me. July 2015. Our grandgirl Daphne looks so much like her mommy that it makes my heart ache. She is just about the age now that her mommy was when she uttered one of the most potent phrases of her childhood. On that day, back in 1985, my daughter looked at me and announced: […]

What My Tomato Taught Me

My Black Cherry tomato and my black labrador retriever, JD. My tomato plant looks big and busy if you take a quick glance–the vines keep getting longer and the blooms keep coming. But but but, if you look closely at the plant, you notice that the central vines don’t look so good. They’re pale, yellowed, dried […]