On Awaiting Better Things

Parking on Observatory Road. Griffith Park. September, 2012. Clinging to First Glimpses We spent the afternoon of our wedding anniversary visiting the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. If you’ve never been there, I encourage you to go. The entire facility bears testimony to our God-given curiosity, drive to discover, powers of reason, inspiration, courage to […]

In Loving Memory

 Sean and His Dad. After a Tour in Iraq.  Sean, Son Ayden, Sister Rebecca, Brother Ryan. Christmas, 2005. Ayden in Daddy’s Helmet. Memories on Our Wall. At Sean’s Grave.  Today, we remember. We weep, because we love. We rejoice in the gift of you. We read God’s promise, twice. Hymns echo in our hearts, resonating in the hollow […]

My Brain’s Working the Graveyard Shift

Boys Learning Baseball. Hawaii. May, 2012. Learning’s LivelinessI can’t shut my brain off. I lie awake at night puzzling over our chart of accounts. I close my eyes, and an onscreen menu lights up my eyelids, defying my effort to sleep. I’m thinking of payables and receivables and adjusting journal entries. And I don’t even like […]

For a Time Such as This

Sawyer, Elaine, Cadence. North Shore, Oahu. May, 2012.  Threads in the Tapestry“Offer the bread to the person beside you, then serve yourself.” “Place the bread on your plate first, then pick it up and take a bite. Even when you’re really hungry.”“Don’t butter the whole piece of bread. Instead, break off a small piece, butter […]

Cadence’s Fair Game

Cadence and the Army Men. The Epic Next to the Coffee Table “Lala, I’ll be the green guys,” Cadence said, as we hunkered down on the living room floor. “You can be the brown guys. And here: You can have my Green Lantern.” He offered me a plastic toy that stood in Gulliveresque proportion to […]