Magnify your ideas.

Two grandsons, collaborating.

Boys collaborating.

Sometimes your fabulous ideas aren’t translating nicely into English. You have a message to share but the words will not cooperate.

I can help you with that project.

You may engage me to write an important letter. Perhaps you need content for a website, a blog, or a newsletter.

Before you hire me to write, we’ll discuss your project and your specific needs. If you already have a draft, you may only need me as an editor.

If you choose for me to write, we’ll review your project in more detail and agree upon a reasonable price.  Then I’ll prepare a draft and revise it to suit your needs after you review it.

Writing rates vary with the complexity and length of the project. Please contact me for information:

sheila AT sheilalagrand DOT COM

Note: I do not write term papers nor any other type of writing that will be submitted for a grade or to fulfill a class requirement.