A Little Rest

 Bedtime Stories, September 2009: Ayden, me, and Cadence
A Light Burden
A few weeks ago Rich and I were fortunate enough to enjoy dinner at the home of my dear friend Kate. She offered up a delicious wintry stew and her fine company. We talked about her recent birthday, her upcoming trip to her homeland, Ireland, our new grandson, and the imminent return of her eldest daughter, son-in-law and twin grandchildren, who were moving back to Kate’s very neighborhood after living in Utah for a few years.

And we talked about faith. Specifically, we talked about my faith. Kate steers the conversation there each time we congregate, saying she wishes she had a faith like mine. These exchanges are always loving, but Kate doesn’t pull punches, either. She isn’t afraid to ask tough questions.
This time, her final question to me was, “What if you’re wrong? What if at the end, there’s just–nothing?”
I smiled and said, “I’m not wrong.”
She persisted: “But what if you are?”
I persisted: “I’m not.”
“You’re that positive?”
“I am. Remember the story I told you, about the glorious look on my mother’s face a few hours before she died, when she saw something that Dad and I [who were in the room with her] couldn’t see? I’m not wrong.”

Kate had heard the story before. She poured us each another glass of wine and the conversation turned to her garden.

Driving home later, Rich and I discussed the other obvious answer to that question:
If I’m wrong, what have I lost by following Christ?
I didn’t raise the point with Kate because I wanted her to hear my certainty. But it’s a good question, all the same.
And it’s probably a question I can’t answer fairly. Dwelling in Him has changed me. Following Him has led me to places I would not otherwise have discovered.
I can say this, though: He’s asked very little of me in light of what He’s offered me. Spending eternity in the presence of my God is, to put it mildly, A Very Big Deal.
I want to invite my friend Kate (and you, if you share her questions), to follow Him for a while and see what happens. What do you have to lose?
Happy New Year.
28 Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you. Let Me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For My yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30 (NLT)