Magnify your voice.

How many errors do you see in these sentences?

Each guest had their own special gift.

All her sister in laws came to her shower.

There gifts were beautiful.

That was the best part of the day.

We were eating cake before she opened her gifts.

I offer editing services because people make mistakes. You may write a compelling message in an authentic voice, but if errors slip past you (but not passed you), your credibility shrinks. Each of the sentences about the bridal shower contains (not contain) at least one error. I can fix them. I provide two levels of editing services.

Line Editing: I correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, tense consistency, and any other mechanical problems (not issues) I find. I indicate any passages that don’t flow cleanly or are awkward so you may consider revising them. I charge $2.50 per double-spaced page for line editing with a $10.00 minimum for small projects of fewer than four (not 4) pages. If you need an editor to review letters, memos, or other short pieces for you on a regular basis, I provide a subscription service.

Developmental Editing: Developmental editing includes all the services I provide in line editing. Additionally, I suggest revisions for passages that don’t flow, are awkward, or simply need polish. I review your work for conceptual integrity and consistency, as well. I charge $4.00 per double-spaced page for developmental editing with a $16 minimum for projects of fewer (not less) than four pages.

Process and Features:

  • We discuss your goals, your audience, and your timeline.
  • You send me your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document.
  • I edit the manuscript using Word’s “track changes” feature.
  • You accept or reject each revision. You retain complete control over your manuscript!
  • Per-page pricing permits you to calculate the cost of editing.

For more information or to discuss your needs, please contact me:

sheila AT sheilalagrand DOT COM