The Satisfaction of Small Servings

Found, Miraculously.

Today I’m honored to be guest-blogging at my friend Ayomide Akinkugbe’s blog, The Voice. Thank you, Ayomide, for hosting me today!

A Tiny Restoration

2006 was a horrible, rotten year. As the holidays rolled around, I was relieved to be leaving that year behind me. For Christmas, the man I later married gave me a new jewelry box, a lovely replacement for the collection of plastic compartmented trays I’d been using to keep my treasures.

I sat on the floor and transferred my baubles from their makeshift storage containers into the beautiful wooden box, fitted with proper drawers, a velvet lining, and rolls to hold rings. It felt peaceful, neatly arranging my things at the end of this year that had brought so much upheaval and displacement. Rich watched me. I knew the look on his face: satisfaction that his gift had brought me joy.

Then I burst into tears. “What’s wrong?” he asked me… Won’t you hop on over to The Voice to read the rest of the story? 

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