A Connoisseur of Grace

Laundry.  Sundresses and Sweaters Autumn arrived in my town last week. I noticed when I did the laundry. How else could I explain the wardrobe shift? As I hung clean clothes on the rod that my awesome husband installed next to the dryer, I noticed my blue eyelet sundress hanging right between a pair of […]

Artist and Arborist

Hudson Mills Park, Michigan.  Photo by Bob Coller     My friend Bob graciously granted me permission to share this amazing photograph with you. Stripped Bare This season brings us a magnificent display as trees present their finale before dropping their leaves to face the winter months.   Artists appreciate the spare beauty of bare wood, the […]


Pumpkins and Sunflowers Ripenings and Sproutings Autumn has landed in Southern California. My neighbor’s pumpkins are ripening on the vine as the sunflowers of summer stand a brown watch over the pumpkin patch. The shorter-and-shorter days are still bright and warm but the evening air brings a chill. Leaves color and fall, destined to rot on the […]