Grandfamilies: Three Ways to Remain Close When You’re Far

Dinosaur Stories with Ayden and Cadence. September 2008. As I write this week, I am thinking of one friend and heart-sister who is in the midst of moving far from one family of grandchildren, yet close to another. These changes claw at our grandparents’ hearts. Yet when it comes to grandparenting across the miles, creativity […]

Grandparenting: Look at it This Way

One little thing can make a big, big change. I’ve been at this conference, and our keynote speaker tells stories about One Little Dream or One Little Prayer, sprinkling one little dab of this with one tiny dash of that layer by layer, step by step, until the hundreds of unremarkable little ingredients are assembled in just the right way to release an aroma that will […]


  I’ve Wearied Myself I’m an expert at complicating things. I like to have plans, you see. And plans are better, aren’t they, with a contingency plan or two or six? Well of course. If it’s worth planning, it’s worth planning well, no? If it’s worth doing, it’s worth my best, right? Um, wrong.  There are plenty […]

How A Hairbrush Saved My Sanity

  Time For Something New Or maybe it was the broken combs. One way or the other, though, my hair–my somewhat-wild-and-wooly-head-of-hair–has  illuminated a platitude for me. Here’s the saying: One definition of  insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.  We’ve all heard it a million times, right? Sure we have. But […]

Stepping Aside

Mamas: It’s Your Turn In The Middle “Is that you in the middle?” My friend Megan asked the question when I shared this image on Facebook. Yes, I admitted. That’s me. In 1982.  August brought us a brand-new granddaughter. August brought us a visit from my girl and her own three littles. August brought my wonderful co-grandma Judi a precious […]