In Which His Ways Are Not My Ways

This Photo From the Highland Games is More Interesting Than Any Shot I Could Have Captured At the Conference: Men, Kilts, and Really Heavy Stuff.  All Things For Our Good Last Saturday I planned to attend a local conference for Christian writers. I had registered in January,  requesting a faculty consultation and choosing the sessions that would […]


  I’ve Wearied Myself I’m an expert at complicating things. I like to have plans, you see. And plans are better, aren’t they, with a contingency plan or two or six? Well of course. If it’s worth planning, it’s worth planning well, no? If it’s worth doing, it’s worth my best, right? Um, wrong.  There are plenty […]

God’s In His Heaven

  Not So Tough.  Sometimes I try too hard. It’s true. Sometimes I sit and I think, and I pray, and I seek, and I beg for some gorgeous glimpse to overcome me, fill me to overflowing so I can share it with you. What a bunch of hooey. What I am hearing, short, simple, and true, […]

Band-Aids For My Heart

Joy: Tissue Paper Flying Through the Air. Carly, Me, Cadence. My Birthday, 2011. What’s In Your First Aid Kit?My friend (okay, heart-sister) Nancy Franson asks a really good question: If you were packing a soul-care kit, what would yours contain? And in that amazing way of heart-sisters everywhere, the question was just what I needed to […]

Crumbs on My Heart

Weeping in the KitchenIt swept over me as I took a knife to the last bit of soft butter. The little pat in the glass dish was just enough for the potatoes I intended to mash. But a few toast crumbs, and maybe even a spot of pomegranate jelly, stained it. That bit o’butter wasn’t […]