God’s In His Heaven

  Not So Tough.  Sometimes I try too hard. It’s true. Sometimes I sit and I think, and I pray, and I seek, and I beg for some gorgeous glimpse to overcome me, fill me to overflowing so I can share it with you. What a bunch of hooey. What I am hearing, short, simple, and true, […]

My Brain’s Working the Graveyard Shift

Boys Learning Baseball. Hawaii. May, 2012. Learning’s LivelinessI can’t shut my brain off. I lie awake at night puzzling over our chart of accounts. I close my eyes, and an onscreen menu lights up my eyelids, defying my effort to sleep. I’m thinking of payables and receivables and adjusting journal entries. And I don’t even like […]

Mom’s Box of Me

Souvenir. The Stuff of Ghosts “What’s in the box, Dad?” I asked, as my father arrived to share a birthday meal with my husband and me.“It’s a bunch of stuff your mom saved when you were a kid. I found it in the garage.”“Oh …” I trailed off. I didn’t want to spend my birthday […]

Papaya Lonely

Papaya Tree. Longing and Fruit “I’d be happy just to sit here and watch you all breathe,” I tell my daughter. We’ve arrived at her home at Pearl Harbor for a ten-day visit and she is working up a sightseeing itinerary. We planned our vacation to visit her, her husband, and the boys. It just […]

You Can’t Always get What You Want, Part Two

Not Too Big. Trash Can HuntingAll I wanted was a new trash can for our kitchen. My requirements seemed simple enough: it had to fit in our trash can space inside a lower cabinet and have a lid. Easy, right? Wrong.I spotted a can that looked perfect, paid for it, brought it home. It was […]