Grandfamilies: Never Negotiate

Sawyer and Carly Celebrating Papa Rich’s Birthday. April 2011. When it comes to working out holiday visits or overnights or any other aspect of your relationship with your grands that depends on cooperation, never negotiate. That advice may sound silly or selfish or just plain cruddy, but hear me out. Negotiation is all about finding a mutually […]

Grandfamilies: How to Ditch Works-Based Love

Telegraphing Love by the Armful. Rich and Grandlittle Carly. August 2008. When your family members know you love them for who they are instead of what they do, you give them an enduring gift that will serve them well in tough times. And if your current phase of family life entails disciplining a family member, this all-in love […]

Grandfamilies: Hints for Hosting a Houseful

Cadence, Daphne, and Sawyer, “Playing” the Piano. April 2014. Last week we looked into being good guests when visiting the kids and grandkids. A friend suggested I write about hosting the kids and grandkids, which seemed like a splendid idea to me.  Some ideas: Figure out where they’ll stay. If your son tells you that he […]

Grandfamilies: Let’s Lose the Trophies

Cadence “Graduates” From Preschool. June 2011. If you have a child or grandchild who plays baseball, dances, or draws interesting shapes in Pre-Preschool, you may have noticed that every child receives a trophy at the season-end banquet/playdate/ice cream party. And isn’t it sweet that every single child is called forward to receive a special award at  year-end […]

Grandfamilies: Every Little Thing

You Are a Masterpiece. And So Is Your Most Annoying Relative.  A foundational truth about life in families: God treasures you. He treasures everyone in your family, too.  My friend Deidra Riggs has written this amazing book. It’s called Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are. I’m only part way through this book–because […]