My Business is His Business

Don’t Get Too ComfortableDavid Platt writes strong words about the state of Christianity in our society today. Over half of “Christians” don’t believe that the Holy Spirit or Satan is real, and tens of millions of them don’t believe that Jesus is the divine Son of God. Finally, almost half of “Christians” don’t believe the […]

Aboard the Ark

Cadence and Friends at Preschool Graduation. San Diego. July, 2011. Editor’s Note: Last week, after reading my post about my grandson taking communion, my friend Linda sent me two amazing little memories of her sons’ preschool days. I share them with you today. Full disclosure: I have an ulterior motive. I believe Linda should start her […]

Now Serving: Fruit Salad

Vaite Zests a Lemon While Cadence and a Nameless Dinosaur Observe. Independence Day, 2012. Careful Preparations My niece Vaite offered to make fruit salad when our pastor and his family came for brunch during her visit. I was relieved: my arthritic hands fatigue before much peeling and chopping is done, these days, and I could trust […]

Mom’s Box of Me

Souvenir. The Stuff of Ghosts “What’s in the box, Dad?” I asked, as my father arrived to share a birthday meal with my husband and me.“It’s a bunch of stuff your mom saved when you were a kid. I found it in the garage.”“Oh …” I trailed off. I didn’t want to spend my birthday […]

My First Job

Your Assignment, Boys, is to Make Funny Faces Before Bedtime. Grandsons Cadence (5), and Ayden (7). January, 2012.  The Unexpected “Paycheck” I was 11 the summer our Neighbor Lady asked me to help her out around her home. She was babysitting two grandchildren and wanted me to supervise the children while she was out attending […]