Collect Your Own Mugs (Please!)

Gara’s Lovely Mugs Do you ever read those giveaway tabloids that are full of ads? You know the ones I mean. They usually have some enticing special offer from the local oil change shop or storage yard, but most of the ads are classifieds placed by people hoping to unload everything from old suitcases to guinea […]

When We Went Down to the River to Pray

[From the archives. I’m on my way back to the river today.] And Talk. And Sing. And Eat. And Rest. Sunday night, late, my dear husband picked me up at LAX. He even parked the car and came inside to meet me at the baggage claim, which I  claim as a love offering. So how was […]

God’s In His Heaven

  Not So Tough.  Sometimes I try too hard. It’s true. Sometimes I sit and I think, and I pray, and I seek, and I beg for some gorgeous glimpse to overcome me, fill me to overflowing so I can share it with you. What a bunch of hooey. What I am hearing, short, simple, and true, […]

No Photos: Be and Do, A Both/And Week

The First Grandboy Overnighter. Ayden, 5, and Cadence, About-to-Turn 3. September, 2009. The Incredible Sweetness of Being, Part TwelveI put my camera away the last time we had grandsons under our roof. Not because the camera was broken. Not because I don’t adore pictures of our grandchildren. Not because I think I have enough photos of […]

To Engage with Wonder

Dove in Snag. The Incredible Sweetness of Being, Part ElevenRounding a curve on our skinny canyon road, we come upon the stopped SUV, its left hip jutting into the roadway. Rich pulls up alongside and I roll down my window: “Did you break down? Do you need a push?” I point to the wide spot in the shoulder […]