Sabbatical * Hiatus * Furlough

Crater Lake. June 2014. Have you ever heard that old saying, If you have too many irons in the fire, you might smother the flames?  Me neither, to tell you the truth. I think I just made it up. But it has the vapid air of a platitude, doesn’t it? It feels true, all the same. I […]

When We Went Down to the River to Pray

[From the archives. I’m on my way back to the river today.] And Talk. And Sing. And Eat. And Rest. Sunday night, late, my dear husband picked me up at LAX. He even parked the car and came inside to meet me at the baggage claim, which I  claim as a love offering. So how was […]

Keep Thinking!

Excellent Improvement. No New Technology Necessary. The world needs your bright ideas. Honest. Yes, I know. We live in an era of astounding technological and scientific advances. Detection and microsurgical correction of birth anomalies? Sure thing. In utero? Yup. In fact, fetal microsurgery is old news. This article, for example, was printed back in November. Of 1992.  The mobile […]

Made for Forever

Gamble House, Pasadena. Front Entry. September, 2012. Built to LastCalifornia is unrelentingly young. We have no Anasazi ruins, no medieval castles, no Renaissance cathedrals. But we love our historic treasures all the same. Pasadena is known for her Arts and Crafts bungalows. And the queen of those bungalows is the Gamble House, built in 1907-1908. This old house, […]