Grandfamilies: Telling Better Stories

Sawyer’s Gray Fox. What kind of lesson is that to teach a child? Don’t you want him to learn to strive? My friend shook her head, even as she smiled. I had shown her the gray fox I had painted for my grandson to celebrate his sixth birthday. She asked me, Why is there a grape […]

Grandfamilies: Merry merry Christmas!

Christmas, 2009.  Christmas is a time of joy and peace and goodwill. Right? Right?  Honestly, most of us have experienced a Christmas celebration that included, at no extra cost, some snark. Some disappointment. Some ill will. And that’s just the dog. Odds are the people in your life, can, on a truly bad day, out-snark even […]

Keep Thinking!

Excellent Improvement. No New Technology Necessary. The world needs your bright ideas. Honest. Yes, I know. We live in an era of astounding technological and scientific advances. Detection and microsurgical correction of birth anomalies? Sure thing. In utero? Yup. In fact, fetal microsurgery is old news. This article, for example, was printed back in November. Of 1992.  The mobile […]

How I Became A(n Accidental) Novelist

Cover for the First Installment of Remembering for Ruth I never thought of myself as a novelist. I have tremendous admiration for fiction writers, but for the past five years or so I had been focused exclusively on nonfiction. Prior to that came a few decades of not-writing. And just before that, academic writing. I have to reach […]

Another Airport. Another Homecoming.

Daphne Kate Matoushek. September 4, 2012. Meeting Skin-to-Skin Finally, after 51 days of waiting, tonight’s the night. My daughter, Elaine, our almost-two-year-old grandson, Sawyer, and brand new, as yet unseen granddaughter, Daphne, are due in on a late flight from Honolulu to San Diego. Rich and I will head south after work, claim a long-reserved […]