Collect Your Own Mugs (Please!)

Gara’s Lovely Mugs Do you ever read those giveaway tabloids that are full of ads? You know the ones I mean. They usually have some enticing special offer from the local oil change shop or storage yard, but most of the ads are classifieds placed by people hoping to unload everything from old suitcases to guinea […]

Mourning on Mother’s Day

 A Dim, Dim, Glimmer.  (If you came by for a poignant Mother’s Day memory, click here. A sweet mothering memory? Here.) I’ve sat with a mother whose teenaged firstborn son vanished. We posted handbills and raised money for a private investigator and hounded the media to keep the story alive. Our families had been close friends since […]

Mother’s Day, Solved.

Mom Broke Her Arm–Roller Skating–Just Before She Became a Grandmother.  Heartmending and Remembering I dislike this coming Sunday only because I loved, adored, and truly liked my mother. Some days I fear I will become violent if I see one more commercial reminding me to remember Mom. Emails taunt me with offers to send her flowers for […]

The Physics of Mothering: Ash Wednesday

Trust. Rob and Cadence. July, 2011.   It Goes Around. It Comes Around. Kind of Like an Orbit.  “Mama, why do my legs look funny when I’m standing in the water?” my daughter, Elaine, asked me one hot afternoon when she was three years old. We were refreshing ourselves in the shallow end of the swimming […]

Comfort, Baked: How a Casserole Becomes Famous

It Started at Shipmates When I was a small child, my family worshiped at First Congregational UCC in San Bernardino. Our parents belonged to Shipmates, a couples’ fellowship. Many of my most enduring memories of that congregation stem from Shipmates-instigated activities. Notable among these events were Pal Week (a secret-friend type weeklong adventure that must remain […]