Grandfamilies: Three Ways to Remain Close When You’re Far

Dinosaur Stories with Ayden and Cadence. September 2008. As I write this week, I am thinking of one friend and heart-sister who is in the midst of moving far from one family of grandchildren, yet close to another. These changes claw at our grandparents’ hearts. Yet when it comes to grandparenting across the miles, creativity […]

Grandfamilies: Seven Tips for Sharing Your Stories

Me. Notebook. Keds. Grandma and ‘Pa’s Patio. San Clemente, CA. Circa 1971. I never tired of hearing my grandmother’s story of her courtship and marriage to my grandfather. He really put the rush on me, she’d say. The clerk spelled a name wrong on our marriage license and we had to go back and get it fixed. I […]

Grandfamilies: On Fixing Stuff

An Allegory One weekend, some years ago, I wielded my glue gun to affix little foam hearts, brightly colored, about the size of a golf ball’s shadow, all around the edges of a plate-glass mirror. Now, you can buy these foam hearts (or animals, or alphabet characters) by the tub at craft stores. They’re sold […]

Grandfamilies: Play to Their Strong Suits

These Two Share A Bright Future As Strategists. Ayden and Cadence. May 31, 2009. What would happen if we took all the energy we poured into helping our loved ones conquer their weaknesses, and instead focused on encouraging them to develop their strengths? My place of business is organized this way, and it isn’t a stretch […]

Grandfamilies: Leave Room for Dragonflies

One Really Big Dragonfly. Wingspan: Over Six Inches. Sheila, are you okay? My coworker called out. There I stood–or rather, stooped–on the sidewalk leading to our office door. On Monday morning. At 8:03. I’d tossed my jacket, handbag, and lunch sack  on the walkway beside me. I’m fine, thanks for asking! I just had to stop […]