Grandfamilies: On Fixing Stuff

An Allegory One weekend, some years ago, I wielded my glue gun to affix little foam hearts, brightly colored, about the size of a golf ball’s shadow, all around the edges of a plate-glass mirror. Now, you can buy these foam hearts (or animals, or alphabet characters) by the tub at craft stores. They’re sold […]

Fix Something

I’m Not Unbreakable.Some days everything feels broken and the only thing left to do is fix something. I’ve had a lot of broken-feeling days lately. I’m not sure if work is challenging because my back is injured. Perhaps my back hurts, in part, because the work is so all-consuming right now. Or maybe it’s plain […]

Concrete Soup and 2 x 4 Salad

And a Side of Ranch, Please Faith AND Reason I grow testy when folks claim logic, reason, and rationality as the exclusive turf of atheists. Frankly, it offends me, particularly since the assertion is often tucked into one of those “since everyone knows” feints. It carries a whiff, if not the outright stench, of alleged […]

Creeping Crud and Creeping Pride

Rich and “Jonathan,” Enjoying the Boat. July 4, 2011. One Sick Husband Rich faded when we returned home from church. “You don’t look so good,” I told him. “Are you feeling okay?” “I’m just kinda down,” he told me, looking worn. “What’s on your mind?” “Nothing much,” he said, in an I’m done discussing it voice.  […]

Tricked by Darkness

Sunset. It’s Later These Days. Who’s Springing Forward into Daylight Savings Time? I’m Stumbling On Sunday, our first day of light lingering into the evening hours, I swelled with inordinate pride over the dinner I served. I wasn’t proud of the nicely roasted chicken I presented, its skin brown and crispy, its breast still juicy […]