Weekend Reflection: New

Two Grandfathers and a Grandson: Papa Rich, BeePaw, Cadence. Christmas Day, 2009. [Friends, next year I’m doing something new. I’ll be exploring families in this space–with a special focus on intergenerational stuff. But it’s not next year yet. . . ] 12 So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on […]

The Physics of Mothering: Ash Wednesday

Trust. Rob and Cadence. July, 2011.   It Goes Around. It Comes Around. Kind of Like an Orbit.  “Mama, why do my legs look funny when I’m standing in the water?” my daughter, Elaine, asked me one hot afternoon when she was three years old. We were refreshing ourselves in the shallow end of the swimming […]

Hope, Hunger, and Friendly Sharks

  What Hope Can Do “A friendly shark and an ocean to keep him in.” That’s what grandson Cadence was hoping to receive as a birthday gift  when he was about to turn three.  It’s a wish born of privilege, isn’t it? Thanks be to God, all the things my grandkids hope for are birthed in […]

On The Things We Keep

Baby Clothes, Ridiculous Flowers, A Bassinet Skirt. And The Things We Give“I must be flunking Grandma,” I tell my daughter on the phone.  “Oh, I doubt that!” She laughs, music, and I hear joy and fatigue in her voice, stretched as she’s been to play her role in a brand new miracle. “Because,” I continued, […]

Concrete Soup and 2 x 4 Salad

And a Side of Ranch, Please Faith AND Reason I grow testy when folks claim logic, reason, and rationality as the exclusive turf of atheists. Frankly, it offends me, particularly since the assertion is often tucked into one of those “since everyone knows” feints. It carries a whiff, if not the outright stench, of alleged […]