Grandparenting: One Size Fits None

Casey Renee, About One Hour Old. August 5, 2013 Impossible . . .  One of my anthropology professors liked to paraphrase Heraclitus. You can’t swim in the same river twice, he would tell us. The older I get, the more I feel the truth of it: stuff changes. On this earth, just about everything is dynamic. When I think of […]

Bug-Collecting and a Mother’s Heart: Lessons in Compassion

What Hearts Remember I read this amazing story the other day, I say to my mother-in-law. She and I sit in Denny’s, lingering over the last bites of our pecan-banana pancakes. Really?  Yeah. It was a blog post. Your kids caught bugs when they were small, didn’t they? And they brought them home in jars? She nods, […]

Stepping Aside

Mamas: It’s Your Turn In The Middle “Is that you in the middle?” My friend Megan asked the question when I shared this image on Facebook. Yes, I admitted. That’s me. In 1982.  August brought us a brand-new granddaughter. August brought us a visit from my girl and her own three littles. August brought my wonderful co-grandma Judi a precious […]

On The Things We Keep

Baby Clothes, Ridiculous Flowers, A Bassinet Skirt. And The Things We Give“I must be flunking Grandma,” I tell my daughter on the phone.  “Oh, I doubt that!” She laughs, music, and I hear joy and fatigue in her voice, stretched as she’s been to play her role in a brand new miracle. “Because,” I continued, […]

Do It For Daphne

Daphne Kate Matoushek, Minutes Old. Safe in Daddy’s Arms.  Do It For All the Daphnes. If you were here on Monday, you know that we expected a new granddaughter. As it happens, Daphne arrived at 3:09 p.m. local time on Tuesday, weighing 7 pounds, 10 ounces (3.46 kilograms), and measuring 19.25 inches (49 centimeters) long. […]