Grandfamilies: Want Warmer Relationships? Stop Doing These Six Things

Don’t Go Off Mad. When you are nurturing relationships with adult children (yours, steps, in-laws, or exes), grandchildren, and all the other characters who play a role on your family’s stage, it’s a good idea to think about your habits. A thoughtful review may reveal a few statements better left unsaid, actions better left undone. […]

Grandfamilies: Three Ways to Remain Close When You’re Far

Dinosaur Stories with Ayden and Cadence. September 2008. As I write this week, I am thinking of one friend and heart-sister who is in the midst of moving far from one family of grandchildren, yet close to another. These changes claw at our grandparents’ hearts. Yet when it comes to grandparenting across the miles, creativity […]

Grandfamilies: Destination Grandlittle

Five Awesome Things About Grandparenting From Afar Our grandlittles have never lived in our community. Two households-full are within a 90-minute drive; the third set is currently on the opposite coast, after two rounds of island homes. So while I’ve dreamed of being the Lala who could pick the littles up after school or step […]

Grandfamilies: The Stealth Grandpa

A Stealth Grandpa and His Grandson Who “Counts?” Chat with my friend Mike over fellowship hall coffee turned to his son’s recent marriage and the new family dynamics that stowed away on the train of the bride’s flowing gown, stealing their way right into the center of the family. His wife–Lisa–has a son, Jacob, who’s […]

Grandfamilies: Disrupted by Spells of Unanticipated Joy

Lala initiates a tissue-tossing frenzy as she opens birthday gifts. Carly and Cadence assist while Elaine and baby Sawyer watch the action from the corner. January 2011. Last weekend I committed to keeping an eye out for joy. I was tired of meeting challenges and being prepared for hardship. I claim this good God, see, and He not […]