Grandfamilies: Telling Better Stories

Sawyer’s Gray Fox. What kind of lesson is that to teach a child? Don’t you want him to learn to strive? My friend shook her head, even as she smiled. I had shown her the gray fox I had painted for my grandson to celebrate his sixth birthday. She asked me, Why is there a grape […]

Grandfamilies: Disrupted by Spells of Unanticipated Joy

Lala initiates a tissue-tossing frenzy as she opens birthday gifts. Carly and Cadence assist while Elaine and baby Sawyer watch the action from the corner. January 2011. Last weekend I committed to keeping an eye out for joy. I was tired of meeting challenges and being prepared for hardship. I claim this good God, see, and He not […]

Weekend Reflection: A Brother

Grandpa Downs, Mom, Cousin Marcia, Grandma Downs, Tim. Ca. 1969 Uncle Chuck, Tim, Grandpa Seiler, Dad. Ca. 1971 Little Boy. Big Tree. Disneyland.  Me, Tim, Elaine T., Mom, Grandpa Downs. Christmas, 1970. Tim and Elaine V. June, 1982. New HS Graduate. New Uncle. Tim and Mom. 2007?. Dad, Allison, Mom, Craig, Anne, Barkley? Tim. 2005.  […]

Four-Score and 0 Years Ago (Birthday Wishes for Dad)

Korea. Ca. 1954 Celebrating my Father on His Eightieth Birthday   “Your mom did a good job raising you and your brother and sister,” my dad said to me one day as we sat, just the two of us, talking. My eyes widened. “Dad,” I said, “You did a good job, too!” “It was your mom. […]

Sheer Joy

Daphne Kate, On Her Second Birthday. She’s One of Nine We are blessed with nine grandlittles, so far, and each of them brings joy to grown-up hearts overshadowed with burdens. On Daphne’s birthday, it is a special treat to gaze upon that hopeful, trusting face. Children’s children are a crown to the aged,    and parents are the pride […]