Grandfamilies: Summer Goodness

Even filling the pool is a blast when you’re not quite four. Cadence, 2010.  Yesterday marked the official beginning of summer. Now, it may be that you know exactly when summer begins because the kids are home from school or the light hits your garden just so or the tomatoes take on that amazing flavor that […]

Grandfamilies: Five Simple Ways to Delight Your Grandchildren

Cadence, Licking a Beater.  Springtime is delightful, isn’t it? In our part of the world, the hills are green, flowers are bursting out everywhere, and the hummingbirds can’t keep their beaks out of the Echium blooms. I’m eager to share delight when I’m delighted, so I drew up a list, short and simple, of delights you […]

Grandfamilies: Disrupted by Spells of Unanticipated Joy

Lala initiates a tissue-tossing frenzy as she opens birthday gifts. Carly and Cadence assist while Elaine and baby Sawyer watch the action from the corner. January 2011. Last weekend I committed to keeping an eye out for joy. I was tired of meeting challenges and being prepared for hardship. I claim this good God, see, and He not […]

Goof Off for God

Goofing Off With Carly and Cadence. January, 2011.  Grin and Bear It (The Good News, That Is) For a people who are supposed to have the joy, joy, joy,joy down in our hearts, we sure can be a sour and dour bunch of folks. I thought about that yesterday when I read these words over at […]

Band-Aids For My Heart

Joy: Tissue Paper Flying Through the Air. Carly, Me, Cadence. My Birthday, 2011. What’s In Your First Aid Kit?My friend (okay, heart-sister) Nancy Franson asks a really good question: If you were packing a soul-care kit, what would yours contain? And in that amazing way of heart-sisters everywhere, the question was just what I needed to […]