Sabbatical * Hiatus * Furlough

Crater Lake. June 2014. Have you ever heard that old saying, If you have too many irons in the fire, you might smother the flames?  Me neither, to tell you the truth. I think I just made it up. But it has the vapid air of a platitude, doesn’t it? It feels true, all the same. I […]

How I Accidentally Wrote a Novel

Kathi Macias has been a faithful writing friend and a gracious mentor. So when, in mid-2013, she announced that she was editing a volume of Christmas stories and asked who might like to contribute to the book, I raised my hand. I didn’t think she would actually select me, since I write nonfiction. So when […]

Q and A With Amazing Author Michelle DeRusha

  Meet My Friend Michelle [Note from Sheila: Everyone should have at least one friend like Michelle. She’s kind and smart and witty and talented and humble and her heart is drop-dead gorgeous. (I think the rest of her is, too, but I digress.) She is also about to become an overnight sensation after writing for, oh, […]

Jewels in the Ashes: Blog Tour for Kathi Macias’ 12 Days of Christmas

  Why I Told a Story About July in Christmas Last year my sister in Christ/mentor/friend Kathi invited me to write a Christmas story.  The plot, she said, could be anything I chose, so long as all the action took place on a single day–my contribution would take place five days before Christmas. Kathi wrote the […]

Flawed, Fallible, Forgiven: Interview with Michelle DeRusha, Author of Spiritual Misfit

 Michelle DeRusha is my friend and heart-sister and today she offers her book, Spiritual Misfit, to the world. You know, I try not to be bossy, but you need to buy this book.  Michelle and I talked recently about her book, her world, and stuff. 1.”Spiritual Misfit” is an interesting concept. Can you say more about that? […]