Grandparenting: “The Talk”

Rich and Our Grandson Ayden On Our Wedding Day. September 2, 2007. The question blindsided me during an arts-and-crafts session with our grandlittles Ayden and Carly. Rich was telling the kids a tale from his earlier days. Your Nana and I–  Ayden looked at me, a question looming in his eyes, and asked his grandpa, You mean […]

Jewels in the Ashes: Blog Tour for Kathi Macias’ 12 Days of Christmas

  Why I Told a Story About July in Christmas Last year my sister in Christ/mentor/friend Kathi invited me to write a Christmas story.  The plot, she said, could be anything I chose, so long as all the action took place on a single day–my contribution would take place five days before Christmas. Kathi wrote the […]

Esmeralda, and How She May Save (Or Wreck) My Marriage

  What’s A Tool Worth?  I get perverse pleasure from arguing with the GPS system that’s built right in to our new car. Maybe I need a support group. Or an intervention. I really don’t know. Here’s the thing. When Esmeralda and I argue (yes, I’ve named her. Is that weird?), eventually, I get my way. Sure, […]

How’s Work?

My Husband: Leader of the Pack. Changes at work can create upheaval, leaving staff feeling devalued and functionally hogtied. Changes at work can also empower staff with new efficiencies, freeing more time for key tasks. As operations manager at a small investment advisory firm, I help identify and execute changes. I minimize the upheaval and […]

Making a List

Even Grocery Lists are Hard. Checking it Twice I’m honored, humbled, and stunned that my blog appeared on a list this week. It happened like this: My amazing friend Diana Trautwein said, “Hey! Here’s an awesome list of us mature lady bloggers!” And  blogger Sarah Bessey published the list here. You’ll find my name on the list.   Sarah published […]