Tuesdays and New Geraniums: A Semi-Illustrated List of Eleven Things

White geraniums? So much new. So maybe I don’t have the right to just sit down after a year’s absence, or near enough, and begin posting again like nothing happened. And believe you me, things happened. I’ll have more to share once I clear these lingering bits of literary laryngitis. For now, I invite you […]

Call It What You Will

Cousins: Vaite, Elaine, Mirimata. Tahiti, 2004. A friend and I chatted as we sipped coffee. The conversation soon tilted toward our children. As she updated me on a daughter’s family, she told me that she and her husband were instructed not to call the teenager who belonged to a son-in-law their grandson and that he was […]

Grandparenting: “The Talk”

Rich and Our Grandson Ayden On Our Wedding Day. September 2, 2007. The question blindsided me during an arts-and-crafts session with our grandlittles Ayden and Carly. Rich was telling the kids a tale from his earlier days. Your Nana and I–  Ayden looked at me, a question looming in his eyes, and asked his grandpa, You mean […]

A Book Happened

If you click on the image, you’ll see the Amazon listing for the paperback edition.  Not What I Imagined That’s an odd way for me to put it, isn’t it? Not “I wrote a book,” but “a book happened.” I don’t mean anything clever or coy–honest. I’m still trying to figure out how this book came to be. Not […]

The Ways We See

Why to Assume Good Faith I asked a coworker to go to the bank a few weeks ago. I was sprinting to meet a hard deadline and I needed to replenish our petty cash. My coworker graciously agreed, so I handed him the items for deposit and the check for the cash we needed and dove back […]