Tuesdays and New Geraniums: A Semi-Illustrated List of Eleven Things

White geraniums? So much new. So maybe I don’t have the right to just sit down after a year’s absence, or near enough, and begin posting again like nothing happened. And believe you me, things happened. I’ll have more to share once I clear these lingering bits of literary laryngitis. For now, I invite you […]

But First, a Nap

We Should Have Napped on Saturday. Photo by Don Segien, Jr.  The Incredible Sweetness of Being, Part Ten Do you think of rest as a reward? What if, instead, you valued it as preparation? How would your schedule change? How might you change? I propose that we rest first. Begin well. What could that look like? I started this year with […]

Comfort in His Word

Right Before my EyesWe live in a rural area of Southern California, on a small dead-end “street.” My husband Rich shot this video tour of the neighborhood last winter. Our neighbors are one of our greatest blessings here; we enjoy a real sense of community on our little street. Recently when our younger grandson Cadence came to visit, he […]