Weekend Reflection: Unspoken

Glory. 1-2 God’s glory is on tour in the skies,    God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.Madame Day holds classes every morning,    Professor Night lectures each evening.3-4 Their words aren’t heard,    their voices aren’t recorded,But their silence fills the earth:    unspoken truth is spoken everywhere.Psalm 19:1-4 (MSG) Take off your shoes. Linger […]

Road Work. Heart Work.

A Rare Red Light at the First Signal Light … So I’m a Skeptic.I don’t like upsets to my routine.  There. I’ve said it. Oh, I love a spontaneous outing. I thrive on travel, new places, new people. But within my regular workaday schedule, I’ll take the status quo, thank you. So I did not […]

Passion, Public Discourse, and Politics

Little League All-Stars.  Heard the one about the candidate who was caught burning a flag on a fire built of banned books, while making out with his seventeen-year-old boyfriend in the back seat of his wife’s car, parked at the hospital where his special-needs child was undergoing emergency treatment for cancer? Me either.Not yet.But I think […]

Bold Enough for Oranges

Clementines are Tasty. And Safe. Risk Averse  When I drove home from work the other night the woman in the car behind me committed an act of boldness as we made our way through the going-home traffic. She ate an orange. I watched in my rear-view mirror as she peeled it, balancing the orange against […]

The Library of Sham

  Books at our House. August, 2011. Judging by Covers Once, many years ago, I visited a new friend. As she left me in her living room while she prepared coffee, I browsed her bookshelf. Picking up a old-looking copy of War and Peace, I opened the book. Inside the dust jacket was a cookbook! […]