Maybe We All Need Charm School

My Husband After Falling on His Backside While Tending a Line Aboard Our State’s Official Tall Ship, the Californian. October, 2008. A Plea for Decency I am now an official curmudgeon. I came to this conclusion while driving home from work last Thursday. I was listening to the radio as I made my way home, looking forward […]

When We Went Down to the River to Pray, Part Two: With a Babe on her Hip

Christopher Williams and his Djembe. Video by Sandra Heska King.  [This post is the second in a series of reflections from the retreat I attended in November with The High Calling folks. You can find the first installment here.] At Laity Lodge, the musicians in residence aren’t there to entertain.  They are there to engage. In […]

Dancing Shoes

  These are my dancing shoes. They don’t look much like your child’s dancing shoes, do they? Your child’s dancing shoes are all mirror-shiny patent with taps sparking their soles. Or satiny ballet slippers tied on with long sleek ribbons. But these shoes make me dance, all the same. Where I live, we have this shallow, shallow stream. And […]

Passion, Public Discourse, and Politics

Little League All-Stars.  Heard the one about the candidate who was caught burning a flag on a fire built of banned books, while making out with his seventeen-year-old boyfriend in the back seat of his wife’s car, parked at the hospital where his special-needs child was undergoing emergency treatment for cancer? Me either.Not yet.But I think […]

The Day my Tongue Caught Fire

Just Don’t. An Answered PrayerMy tongue can be much sharper than I want it to be. Sometimes at work I’m so focused on the goal that I forget that real people are working to accomplish that goal. Sometimes my speech doesn’t take into account their needs or feelings. It’s worse at home. My sweet, loving, devoted […]