Dreaming up Delights

Me, Dad, Mercedes.  July 15, 2012.

Roll the Reels
Saturday night I dreamed up one long sequence of lovely things. Rich and I traveled to some new exotic tropical place, wriggling toes into warm peach sand and sighing together with the sun as the horizon swallowed it.

I sat in an auditorium filled with hundreds and together we lifted praise and thanksgiving to glorify the One who bestows all, a dreamtime counterpoint of melodies that daylight would render impossible.

We thrust skewered marshmallows into the hot air rising off a cracking campfire as all our grandchildren gathered like chicks to their hen, awaiting a sandwich of graham, melting chocolate and toasted sugar.

I rollerskated through a Disney forest.

It was one busy night’s rest, I’ll tell you. 

Yesterday morning I rose and slipped into a quietly pretty dress and happy-day sandals. We drove over the mountain to the inland valley, my husband, our niece visiting from Tahiti, who had extended her stay to be with us on this day, and me.

Riding through the oak chaparral, looking out the window, the night’s dreamtime rolled, an overnight newsreel in my mind.

I want to trap them in a bottle, all the wondrous joys I dreamed, every sweet thing I’ve ever dreamed–catch them all in a bottle and tie a pretty ribbon round its neck. 

All those sweet things, bottled, would make a fine gift for my dad and his beautiful bride, Mercedes.

Congratulations and best wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Seiler. 

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.
1 Peter 4:8 (ESV)