Fields and Floods, Rocks, Hills and Plains

Bridge over Trabuco Creek 
Flooded In!
Our little community of Trabuco Canyon made the news last week as the flooding Trabuco Creek stranded young hikers, who had to be airlifted to safety after a cold, wet night on Holy Jim Trail.
By the next day, we were stranded as well, though warm and dry in our home. A single road provides access to our canyon. At its south end it crosses over Trabuco Creek, which is usually a dry wash with perhaps a bit of mud at its bottom. On this day, floodwaters overran the bridge and clogged it with debris.
Mudslide to the North
Less than a mile to the north, a mudslide had closed the road. With both ends blocked, we were staying put.
I was frustrated. Who doesn’t have a lot to do three days before Christmas? I had important, time-sensitive tasks at work, too. Further, my boss was on vacation, leaving me in charge, and I couldn’t be there. It was not a good day to be stuck at home.
I resigned myself to the situation. Our power was out, so I couldn’t engage in any industrious domestic tasks, like laundry or bread-baking. It was a day to be, rather than to do.
I could sit by a window and read, though. So I did. I rubbed my dogs’ tummies. I chatted with my husband and his son, Ryan, who lives with us. I contemplated painting my toenails, but didn’t.
Two neighbors stopped by over the course of the day. With nowhere to go, we had leisurely visits. We stood on our deck and listened to boulders, sounding like muffled thunder as they crashed through Hickey Creek, a feeder to Trabuco Creek that runs right through our neighborhood. We prayed for those in nearby communities whose homes had been damaged by mudslides and for the emergency crews laboring to clear the roadways.
I can count the cost of the “lost” day–it was minimal. The next day I was able to reach my office and complete the critical tasks. When Christmas arrived, we were ready.
It’s harder for me to count the value of the unplanned day “stuck” at home with my family. I had not expected a storm to be so restorative.

10 The LORD sat as King at the flood;
Yes, the LORD sits as King forever.
11 The LORD will give strength to His people;
The LORD will bless His people with peace. 
Psalm 29:10-11 (NASB)