Present: How Doc Teaches Me to Walk the Walk

Doc, On the Job. April, 2014. A Lesson In Walking In Faith Some days I think my dog, Doc, is better at shining a light than I am. (And no, thank you, I do not plan to engage in a debate about whether dogs have souls or whether our pets will join us in heaven. I […]

Buddy’s Slumber Party

My Buddy, Buddy.  His Master’s Call“Who does that chocolate lab belong to?” I asked Rich as I returned, that summer a few years ago, from a Saturday’s trip to San Diego. I sat on the rocker on our front deck, where I’d plunked myself upon my arrival. He stood in the front yard, hose in […]

Remembering Trevor

Trevor. Rest in Peace, Old Boy. Good and Faithful “It’s not just arthritis,” the vet said. “He has some kind of neurological issue–maybe he’s had a stroke. That’s why his tail curls off to the side. And that whining at night? That’s not because he’s in pain–it’s senility. It’s the canine version of Sundowner’s Syndrome.” “What […]

How I Know I Married Well

Trevor. What Trevor Taught Me About My Husband Did you ever watch a scene and realize you were looking right into the essence of someone’s character? I had one of those moments the other day. My husband, Rich, sat on the sofa and scratched Trevor’s ears. As usually happens in our three-dog household, it didn’t take […]

Treasure Hunting

Fire Station No. 4, Balboa Island. May, 2011 Seeking His Treasures Afoot on Balboa Island After a somber morning of mourning on Memorial Day, my husband Rich and I set out on a treasure hunt in Newport Harbor. We’d visited the harbor countless times by boat. We knew the fuel dock, the sea lions shamelessly […]