Weekend Reflection: Like a River (Fathers)

McKenzie River, Seen From Eagle Rock Lodge. Vida, Oregon. June 2014. A Father Rolls Through A good father, a father like my father, runs clear through the landscape of his children’s lives.  Just beyond this unexpected bend, he’s a calming, deep pool: a safe place to reflect, to cleanse. From churning turbulence, he creates power. A good father, a […]


My dad and his youngest grandson. Thanksgiving, 2007 The Christmas I was almost five, I so wanted a Baby Pat-A-Burp (really!) doll that when my parents took me to visit the department store Santa,  I asked for that one thing only. I had a strategy–I figured if I only asked for one thing, I was sure to receive […]

Little Blessings

His Eye is on the SparrowIn the film Bruce Almighty, the title character is provided a taste of God’s power. Of course, he experiences this power from a human perspective. In one memorable scene, Bruce hears prayers offered to God: the chorus becomes a cacophony as humans lift their voices to God. A weak point […]