Weekend Reflection: Wait

Cadence, Waiting to Dig In to Lala and Auntie’s Birthday Cake. February, 2014.  13 I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see  the goodness of the Lord In the land of the living. 14 Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:13-14 (NASB) Shhh. It’s […]

Weekend Reflection: In the Desert

Mojave Desert. Near Barstow. February, 2007.  13 I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LordIn the land of the living.14 Wait for the Lord;Be strong and let your heart take courage;Yes, wait for the Lord.Psalm 27:13-14 (NASB) It’s that weekend-time again (hallelujah!). Slip off your shoes […]

On Awaiting Better Things

Parking on Observatory Road. Griffith Park. September, 2012. Clinging to First Glimpses We spent the afternoon of our wedding anniversary visiting the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. If you’ve never been there, I encourage you to go. The entire facility bears testimony to our God-given curiosity, drive to discover, powers of reason, inspiration, courage to […]

A One-Night Stand with Fear

Blown Over Waiting out the WindWe listened as the wind screeched down our narrow canyon. The reporters had warned us, as breathlessly as if they’d donated their own air to the cause, that this windstorm was to be The Big One: “Hurricane-force gusts,” they promised. Through the howl we heard booms and thuds. I half-expected to […]

The Land of the Living

Grandson Cadence Pushing the Button to Take Us 500 Feet Underground. Hoover Dam, July, 2011. Inoculated With Faith I’ll never be a spelunker. Or a scuba diver. I’d rather remain on the earth’s surface, in the presence of fresh air. I don’t panic when I’m underground, but a faint anxiety wriggles within me like a […]