Horror and Outrage

Cadence, Sawyer, Elaine: Group Hug Beyond Imagination We mourn together for lives cut short in an ugly blast of gunfire. One moment, twenty beautiful young students and the adults entrusted with their education were studying the chalkboard, perhaps, or bent over worksheets.  And then suddenly, we were all robbed of their lives. A nation grieves […]

A Strawberry’s Grace

A Goblet of Summer’s Grace A Summer’s LessonIn my youth, strawberries rewarded effort. We washed them, we sliced them, we sprinkled them with a bit of sugar, then we enjoyed them, lifted up to lips parched with the waiting for that first sweet taste. Sometimes we spooned them over ice cream, or slid a ladle’s […]

Come as You Are!

Just as You Are. Right Now. Even if Your Sweater is Crooked.  Humbled, not DiscouragedA passage in my Bible struck me as I read it a few days ago. I’ve read this passage before, but on this occasion it leaped off the page. “Don’t wait until you’re ready,” I heard.  I’m sharing the passage here […]

The Reunion

My Brother, Cousin Marcia, Cousin Hugh. Ca. 1969. [Click here to read the beginning of this story. Click here to read its conclusion.]   Walking the Ruins We pull into the parking lot and panic overwhelms me. I glance at my cousin Hugh in the back seat and see, for the first time, what others […]

Sean’s Last Rescue

Graveside on the Fourth Anniversary. September 25, 2010. I Didn’t Know I was Starving: My Testimony Last week my friend Laura Boggess’s compelling words set down roots deep in my mind, tangling synapses as I tried to hear their message for me. She wrote: It takes strong faith to plant a seed.I remember a missionary […]