Forecast: Showers and Sacrifices

Foreground: Judi, Elaine, and Rob
Background: April and Janice
Love Rains!
It reigns, too, of course. But at a baby shower–especially a baby shower for my own daughter–love saturates the air. Saturday we gathered at the home of Elaine’s parents-of-her-best-friend-since-she-was-three to celebrate baby Sawyer’s arrival, expected later this fall.
Our hostesses, Janice and her daughter-in-law, Nici, scheduled a ladies’ gathering for the early afternoon, then a barbecue for couples that evening. Ladies drifted in for the shower. We bore gifts for the woman who will bear a child. We wore pretty clothes and big smiles. We ate delicious, interesting food. We murmered approval at each gift, be it useful, whimsical, or both.
I visited with women whom I’d first met in a high school band room years ago, when our kids performed together. The bond of the Band Booster Sisterhood is strong. I noted that girls I’ve known since they were 13 have become graceful, beautiful women.
Elaine basked.
After a lovely interlude, we returned to Janice and Dave’s for the barbecue. Jez, their granddaughter, and our grandson Cadence, the big-brother-to-be,  raced about amusing themselves; laughing young couples filled the terrace. We enjoyed more fine food, good drink, and fellowship. My son-in-law and his mom, Judi, flanked my daughter as she opened still more gifts for their new baby.
Elaine and Rob basked.
I brought myself up short in the midst of this lovefest thinking of the sacrifices each person bore to share this day with my kids. Our hosts devoted time and money to preparing two special meals, decorating their home, welcoming us all. Guests bought gifts, declined invitations to other events, left space on their calendars and in their hearts for this occasion.
Everyone could have chosen a different use for their money and time. Everyone chose to come, to love.
11 This is the message you have heard from the beginning: We should love one another.
1 John 3:11 (NLT)