I Need to Get This Story Straight . . .

Tahiti familyBlurry But Happy: Daughter Elaine (Wearing Tatie Noelline’s Hei), Me (Center Back), and One Branch of Our Tahitian Family. Tapuamu, Tahaa, Leeward Islands of Society Archipelago. January, 2004. 

. . . And I need your help! 

Maybe you remember that I’m working on a book about extended families. Maybe you remember that I’m focusing on blended extended families. Now, I have one of those, so I gain new experiences every day. But if there’s anything I know about families, it is this:

Every family is unique–and I’m talking snowflake-level one-of-a-kind exclusively-yours uniqueYou could search the entire world over and you would never come across a family that has the same number of cousins, aunts, and uncles, and sings the same silly songs together late on Christmas Eve when nobody else is around and treasures the same brownish/yellowish teapot that a stranger might call ugly but you remember your grandma pouring Constant Comment tea from it so to you it is the most beautiful teapot in the world. 

Your family is the only family exactly like yours. 

So I figured I should ask you all about your families. And while I would love to invite you all over for tea and chocolate chip cookies and a good long chat, some of you couldn’t make it in person.

So we set up some surveys. And here’s the thing: since you’ll need fifteen or twenty minutes to answer, I wanted to share my gratitude. So I’m running a little survey-related giveaway.

Everyone who responds to the survey and provides me with an email address (so I can notify you that you won) will be entered in a drawing for a $75 Amazon gift card. Because Amazon has something for everyone, right?

Three separate surveys are available: 

Click here to take the survey for grandparents.

Click here to take the survey for parents.

Click here to take the survey for grandchildren.

You may answer each survey that applies to your status: if you have  grandchild experience, you may answer the survey for grandchildren. If you are a veteran of the parenthood trenches, you may answer the survey for parents. And if you’re a grandparent, you may answer the survey for grandparents. You gain three entries into the drawing if you answer all three surveys (and provide your email address with each one).

So please, answer a survey or two. Send them on to your friends and family members. Spread the word.

Thanks, Friends. I couldn’t do this without you. I am grateful. 

rabbit conga

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NASB)

rabbit conga

On Tuesdays, we’re talking about families and the joys and challenges that arise when we stretch across three (or more?) generations (child, parent, grandparent). The conversation began on January sixth  and we’ll continue until we run out of things to say. Everyone is welcome, and I hope to hear from each generation’s perspective.  Being family is by turns effortless, impossible, blessed, challenging, hurtful, joyous . . . . Let’s talk about it.

Please join us.

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