Always Watch for Zebra

The Frio River. What I Learned at Laity Lodge I’ve been home two weeks now, and I’m still unpacking. Not my suitcase–it’s empty and back in the basement–but my heart.  I told you last week how I’d learned that real friends don’t abandon the voyage when potholes mar the way. No, they buckle up and […]

Coming Up For Air

Tiny Flowers, Lichen, Oak Leaves, Stone. Along the Shore of the Frio River, Laity Lodge, Texas. A Ride Into Grace Last spring–before I knew my grandson would be in California for his sixth birthday, before I knew my son-in-law’s submarine would be in port in San Diego the last weekend of September, before I knew […]

Why I Need to be at Laity Lodge’s Writers Retreat

Running Our Boat on the Ocean. July 3, 2009. A Top Ten List A bunch of my good friends over at The High Calling are heading off to this amazing retreat next month. And they’re giving away a seat at the event! I really, really, really want to attend. (And I need to: good writers […]