Careful Accounting

Clear Records
At work last week I sorted through a heap of receipts that had accumulated in my “I’ll-file-these-later” pile. The new year was upon me and I wanted to make sure that 2010’s records made it into the proper folders.

Normally our file clerk would do this function. I chose to do it myself because I’d caused the backlog by failing to address the receipts sooner and I didn’t want to foist the neglected heap upon her.  It was late in the afternoon and my mind was sliding down the far side of its daily energy curve; I needed a task that wouldn’t suffer for my decreased ability to focus.

I turned to the job expecting drudgery.

I found treasure.

Here was a receipt for a staff dinner honoring an employee’s twentieth year of service.
And here was the record of flowers sent to welcome another coworker’s new baby.
Here was a receipt for an office birthday luncheon.

I was surprised to feel my eyes dampen as I reviewed this accounting of previous months.

I’d always known in my head that I had a fabulous job.

On this day, as I sifted through the scraps of memories created over the previous year, my heart learned how blessed I am to work where I do.

Our president demonstrates that she values us not only for the work we produce, but for the people we are. She remembers, and marks, staff birthdays and anniversaries. She’s laughed with all of us and cried with some of us. By her example, she has imbued in each of us a standard of behavior that calls for flawless ethics, kindness, and cooperation.

In short, she’s created an environment where I don’t just work; I  serve.

23 Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.
Colossians 3:23-24 (NASB)


  1. Sheila…what a great boss you have and that you give her credit and honor with your words.

  2. She is a blessing to many 🙂

  3. Oh … I'd give a lot to work for someone like that.

  4. Red, I think most people would. It's sad, I think, that more people aren't treated well at work. One reaps what one sows, you know?